The Typicalturkishhouse, which consists of afew fairy chimreys has witnessed the history of Uçhisar our homeland  and was used as accommodation in the Seljuk Period. Now it has been hosting the grandchildren of the past ancestors.The Typicalturkishhouse wasn’t run from 1982 to 1996 because of having been taken in by use Unesco. Then the past owners has got the right of running it by paying the money of “General Directorete of National Mortgage Bank”.The magnificient beauty of Tpicalturkishhouse, which has has the traces of the past on it’s walls, is run as a tourist place by their real owners.While the owners of the Tpicalturkishhouse, which is kept as in past, tell their memories, you feel that these memories are very precious for them.


how to reach:

cevizli_valley_sIf you want to become a quest in Typicalturkishhouse which is in Uçhisar town of Cappadocia; you can find it easly at Cevizli area on the slope of magnificient Uçhisar castle. The Tipiktürkevi, which has got three peritowers including alot of rooms in Uçhisar which is the most summit of Cappadocia and a long past, is a place in which a lot of family has lived.
After sightseeingthe pertowers in Uçhisar, until getting tireed, you can having rest drinking aple tea on the balcony of the Tipiktürkevi (typicalturkishhouse) towards the Uçhisar castle.



You can take any information about Cappadocia. There are three fairy chimneys in Tipikturevi. Get in to inside, take photos and feel the history. Smoke hookah with  different fruits. You can rest in the balcony and drink turkish coffee or apple tea. And take amazing photos of Cevizli Valley and majestic Uçhisar Citadel.

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